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Walking is a way to a healthy mind and body; it's an activity you do every day and is the number one activity everywhere.  Walking can be done no matter what your age, physical condition or fitness level.  Walking can improve your circulation, lower blood pressure, and blood sugar and help you lose weight.  Take your first steps now to a new healthy you.

This program will help you keep track of your daily walking activities.  This program keeps tracks of the number of steps you take during the day.   All you need is a pedometer that records your steps.  Don't worry; this program will also keep track of your miles.  So how many steps should I take?  To ward off feelings of failure, start slow.  Maybe 2000 steps and when you feel comfortable increase by 1000.  Keep this up and soon you will find you are walking 10,000 steps a day.   Counting Steps will add new motivation to your exercise program and will keep you focused on obtaining your goal.  View weekly and yearlong charts displaying the number of steps taken.  See how your exercise program grows through time.  Don't hesitate, start walking now toward a new and happier you.

Program Features:
  • Supports color and black&white screens
  • Supports Hi-Res 320x320 screen
  • Supports Hi-Res 320x480 screen
  • Supports Hi-Res landscape screen
  • Supports keyboards and 5-way navigator
  • Export data to Palm memo or csv text file on memory card
  • Save chart views as standard bitmap file on memory card

Version 1.1 features:
  • Supports one-handed navigation of newer Palm devices (Treo 650, T|X, etc)
  • Added Brisk Pace 3.5 mph to the Calories screen
  • Added Step Calculation function to the Command Bar on the Data Entry screen (access by entering / and selecting the footsteps)
  • Fixed problems with saving preferences
  • Weeknumber conforms to ISO8601 standard (Week starts on a Monday and Week 1 is the week that contains the first Thursday)
  • Weekly charts can display Duration and Distance.
  • Obtain totals stats on Yearly chart page
  • Steps, Distance and Duration yearly charts 

Version 1.2 features:

  • Bug Fix - deleting previous years data
  • Bug Fix - weekly view of data in a new year but part of the previous year
  • Total walking stats can be saved as a Palm Memo

Version 1.3 features:

  • Use US English or Metric measurements, i.e. miles or kilometers.

Steppin Out!

Version 1.3



Steppin Out!

Requirements:  Palm OS 3.5 or higher is required.

Compatible Devices/Operating System: Clie' PEG-N760C, Handera 330, Handspring Platinum™, Handspring Prism™, Handspring Treo, Handspring Visor Deluxe, Handspring Visor Edge, Handspring Visor Pro, Palm i705, Palm IIIc, Palm IIIx, Palm IIIxe, Palm m100, Palm m105, Palm m125, Palm m130, Palm m500, Palm m505, Palm m515, Palm V, Palm VII, Palm Vx, Palm Zire, Sony Clie, Tungsten series, Zire series

User Reviews:
I've been using Steppin Out for several months. It's an excellent program and motivational tool for anyone who wants to keep track of their steps, calories burned, distances, heart rate, personal notes, etc. Even if all you're interested in tracking only your step counts, I would recommend this software, which is very simple to use. Customer support is EXCELLENT; I received same-day turnaround on a problem that was fixed in just a few hours. Suggestions I made for enhancing the program were incorporated into a new version 1.1, which was just released.
Download the trial version and check it out!
21-Nov-05 by LaVerne Shuler  PalmGear.Com

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