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This program was designed to help those persons with diabetes to monitor their blood sugars during periods of exercise. Exercise is a key components of daily diabetes care. For people with diabetes, being physically active is especially important because it boosts fitness levels while reducing blood glucose, blood pressure and weight. 

Exercise can be any physical activity, take a brisk walk, dance the night away or even mow your lawn. Just 30 minutes a day of being active will help you look and feel better. Your doctor can help you find ways to exercise that are safe for you, even if you've never been active. 

Program Features:
  • View summary report
  • View data plots 
  • Support Hi-Res
  • Supports Landscape and 320X480 screens 
  • Export data to memory card as CSV file
  • Export plots as standard Windows bitmap
  • Support for built-in keyboards
  • Support for one-handed navigation
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    Diabetes Exercise Log

    Version 2.1



    Diabetes Exercise Log

    Requirements:  Palm OS 3.5 or above.

    Compatible Devices/Operating System: Clie' PEG-N760C, Handera 330, Handspring Platinum™, Handspring Prism™, Handspring Treo, Handspring Visor Deluxe, Handspring Visor Edge, Handspring Visor Pro, Palm i705, Palm III, Palm IIIc, Palm IIIx, Palm IIIxe, Palm m100, Palm m105, Palm m125, Palm m130, Palm m500, Palm m505, Palm m515, Palm V, Palm VII, Palm Vx, Palm Zire, Sony Clie, Tungsten series, Zire series, Treo 600/650, T|X, LifeDrive

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